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  • What

    More than just a brand – an attitude towards life. Healthy and nutrition-concious fitness stretched to the limits. Activate your inner GYMJUNKY.
  • Who

    Passionate athletes, a movement, a legion, a community. All for one and one for all.
  • When

    Anytime. We Don’t Rest.
  • Where

    Anywhere. Whether you’re at the gym, on the street, in a park, in the woods or in your yoga studio – your gym is everywhere.
  • How

    With GYMJUNKY. Perfect fit and high-quality fabrics are characteristic of the correspondent fashion line. Best sports gear for your training.


We at GYMJUNKY are passionate athletes. We understand the essence of a perfect workout: severe discipline, a balanced diet, and agility without restriction of any kind. With the GYMJUNKY line, you will experience perfect fit and only high quality fabrics. For fitness isn’t just sweat and tears, but most importantly fun!

GYMJUNKY is far more than than just a sports gear brand – it’s a philosophy of life which you will sense in all our products. Behind GYMJUNKY, there’s a community of like-minded people who will support you with your training and diet, they’ll motivate you, and provide you with a platform where you can exchange ideas and talk about your personal goals and progress.

Become a part of GYMJUNKY and experience a whole new way of getting fitter: The world is your gym. No matter when, no matter where. May it be on the street, in a park, in the woods or in your living room – you can exercise anywhere at all times.

That’s what we stand and live for.
We Don’t Rest.

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